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Dialects in Schools

Throughout history there have been many arguments about what to do with dialect variation in the school setting. We do not expect this trend to stop in our lifetimes, yet we hope that a modern understanding of how language works will help parents, students, and educational professionals to find common ground. Through a modern view of language, we can develop better language education.

Grades 6-12 Appalachian Dialect Unit

Download this week-long unit on Appalachian dialect to teach in your secondary level classroom!

Begin by reading the three articles in the Teacher Resource folder, and then use the Enduring Features PowerPoint, Fading Features PowerPoint, and the included additional activities to share dialect knowledge with your students.

Be sure to download and read each of the following documents before teaching the unit.

Teacher Resource Folder 
Teacher Resources for Educational Unit 

Daily Lesson Plans 
Day 1 Lesson Plan
Day 2 Lesson Plan 
Day 3 Lesson Plan 
Day 4 Lesson Plan 
Day 5 Lesson Plan 

PowerPoint Presentations
Fading Features 
Enduring Features 

Sound File Folder 
Sound Files