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Appalachian Language Quiz

1. What might an Appalachian speaker mean if they used the word " everwhere"?

2. Your friend tells you your car is looking gaumy. What is he saying?

3. A child tells you she got a gee-haw whimmy-diddle yesterday. What did she get?

4. The grocery clerk asks you if you’d like a poke to put your apples in. What is he offering?

5. Your neighbor tells you that the new shed he built is si-gogglin. What is another word that would also likely describe the shed?

6. “Better avoid that ripshin thicket,” says your hiking buddy. What are you avoiding?

7. What does it mean if a woman is husband-high?

8. What is a sang hoe and what would it be used for?

9. We might be linguists, but what is a linguister, according to some native Appalachians?

10. Which of these are attested uses of they-uns?