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AppLang Quiz Answers

These answers are applicable for some Appalachian speakers in some areas, but there is no single "Appalachian dialect".

  1. A: Everwhere is a variation of “wherever,” appearing in some Appalachian dialects.
  2. A: Gaumy means smeared and dirty.
  3. C: A gee-haw whimmy-diddle is a wooden folk toy.
  4. B: A poke is a bag, often a paper bag.
  5. A: Si-gogglin means lopsided, askew, or uneven.
  6. D: Ripshin is any thorny or entangling plant.
  7. B: A woman who is husband-high is old enough to get married.
  8. A: A sang hoe is a short, narrow-bladed hoe used for digging ginseng.
  9. C: In some Appalachian dialects, a linguister is a translator.
  10. D: All three uses of they-uns occur, and it can mean they, them, or their.