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Resources by Chapter

Appalachian Englishes
in the Twenty-First Century

Educational Materials

Syllabus and Assignments for an Appalachian Englishes class (zip file, <1 MB)

Foreword: Donna Christian

Linguistic and Regional Boundaries

Chapter 1: Just What and Where Are Appalachian Englishes—J. Daniel Hasty

Chapter 2: Phonological possibilities in Appalachia Englishes—Paul E. Reed

Chapter 3: Grammar across Appalachia—Kirk Hazen

Language in Society

Chapter 4: Discourse in Appalachia—Allison Burkette

Chapter 5: Identity and representation in Appalachia-Jennifer Cramer

Chapter 6: Language, Gender, and Sexuality in Appalachia—Christine Mallinson & J. Inscoe

Chapter 7: Language and Ethnicity in Appalachia-Becky Childs

Language in the Wider World

Chapter 8: Redneck Memes as an Appalachian Reclamation of Vernacular Authority, Language, and Identity—Jordan Lovejoy

Chapter 9: Intersections of Literature and Dialect in Appalachia—Isabelle Shepherd & Kirk Hazen

Chapter 10: Teachers and Teens Making Sense of Identity, Place, and Language in Appalachian Secondary Schools—Audra Slocum

Chapter 11: Appalachian Englishes and the College Campus—Stephany Brett Dunstan & Audrey J. Jaeger

Afterword: Walt Wolfram